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Authors who publish in CMH have an option to make their manuscripts available immediately after acceptance. These “Just Accepted” manuscripts have already been peer-reviewed and approved for publication, but have not yet been proofread or formatted for publication.

When authors choose to take advantage of this CMH service, their papers are uploaded as PDF files with an abstract to the CMHwebsite and available right away to contribute to the research community. When the “Just Accepted” paper is uploaded, this is considered the official publication date, but the “Just Accepted” paper is not considered the final paper of record because the editing process may identify errors to be corrected.

Authors should indicate whether they would like their manuscript uploaded as a “Just Accepted” file when they first submit their paper. It is not possible to change this decision in the middle of the technical editing and formatting process.
A “Just Accepted” manuscript should be cited as an online journal article. To cite a “Just Accepted” manuscript when writing for CMH, follow the guidelines in How to Format the References in the Instructions for Authors section.
Impact of diabetes, obesity, and dyslipidemia on the risk of HCC in patients with chronic liver diseases
Hwang Sik Shin, Baek Gyu Jun, Sang-Wook Yi
Received December 7, 2021  Accepted April 20, 2022  
Development and prognosis of hepatocellular carcinoma in patients with diabetes
Takuma Nakatsuka, Ryosuke Tateishi
Received April 8, 2022  Accepted July 3, 2022  
Original Article
Decreased vitamin D-binding protein level portends poor outcome in acute-on-chronic liver failure caused by hepatitis B virus
Daxian Wu, Qunfang Rao, Zhongyang Xie, Xiaoqing Zhu, Yuanmei Che, Jian Wu, Hainv Gao, Jingyu Zhang, Zhouhua Hou, Xiaoyu Cheng, Zeyu Sun
Received May 5, 2022  Accepted July 23, 2022  
Global Prevalence of Depression and Anxiety in Patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Darren Jun Hao Tan, Sabrina Xin Zi Quek, Jie Ning Yong, Adithya Suresh, Kaiser Xuan Ming Koh, Wen Hui Lim, Jingxuan Quek, Ansel Tang, Caitlyn Tan, Benjamin Nah, Eunice Tan, Taisei Keitoku, Mark D. Muthiah, Nicholas Syn, Cheng Han Ng, Beom Kyung Kim, Nobuharu Tamaki, Cyrus Su Hui Ho, Rohit Loomba, Daniel Q. Huang
Received May 15, 2022  Accepted July 20, 2022  
WNT Signaling in Liver Regeneration, Disease, and Cancer
Gengyi Zou, Jae-Il Park
Received March 1, 2022  Accepted June 30, 2022  
Original Article
Auranofin attenuates hepatic steatosis and fibrosis in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease via NRF2 and NF-κB signaling pathways
Seung Min Lee, Dong Hee Koh, Dae Won Jun, Yoon Jin Roh, Hyeon Tae Kang, Ju Hee Oh, Hyun Sung Kim
Received March 10, 2022  Accepted June 18, 2022  
The usefulness of metabolic score for insulin resistance for the prediction of incident non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in Korean adults
Jun-Hyuk Lee, Kyongmin Park, Hye Sun Lee, Hoon-Ki Park, Jee Hye Han, Sang Bong Ahn
Received April 11, 2022  Accepted June 7, 2022  
Management of Refractory Ascites
Florence Wong
Received April 17, 2022  Accepted June 7, 2022  
Original Article
COVID-19 vaccine immunogenicity among chronic liver disease patients and liver transplant recipients: a meta-analysis
Ka Shing Cheung, Chiu Hang Mok, Xianhua Mao, Ricky R Zhang, Ivan FN Hung, Wai Kay Seto, Man Fung Yuen
Received April 5, 2022  Accepted May 31, 2022  
Impact of nationwide hepatocellular carcinoma surveillance on the prognosis in patients with chronic liver disease
Won Sohn, Danbee Kang, Min Woong Kang, Eliseo Guallar, Juhee Cho, Yong-Han Paik
Received February 9, 2022  Accepted May 30, 2022  
Review Article
NAFLD versus MAFLD: Prevalence, Outcomes and Implications of a Change in Name
Cheng Han Ng, Daniel Q. Huang, Mindie H. Nguyen
Received March 13, 2022  Accepted May 16, 2022  
Prediction models of hepatocellular carcinoma recurrence after liver transplantation: A comprehensive review
Sang Jin Kim, Jong Man Kim
Received March 1, 2022  Accepted April 15, 2022  
Deep learning-based prediction of molecular cancer biomarkers from tissue slides: A new tool for precision oncology
Sung Hak Lee, Hyun-Jong Jang
Received December 20, 2021  Accepted April 17, 2022  
Subclinical versus advanced forms of alcohol-related liver disease: need for early detection
Concepción Gómez-Medina, Luma Melo, David Martí-Aguado, Ramón Bataller
Received January 18, 2022  Accepted April 11, 2022  
Invited Review
Old and new classes of glucose-lowering agents as treatments for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: a narrative review
Lei Miao, Jing Xu, Giovanni Targher, Christopher D Byrne, Ming-Hua Zheng
Received January 15, 2022  Accepted March 11, 2022  
The emerging roles of extracellular vesicles as intercellular messengers in liver physiology and pathology
Youngseok Lee, Jong-Hoon Kim
Received December 13, 2021  Accepted February 25, 2022  
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